We are a collective – an alliance – of friends who believe in God’s power to up-end the world through grassroots change.  We believe another world is possible – a world where family – God’s family – is the solution for much of the brokenness we see in our world today.

Specifically, we represent many of the organic church networks across Chicagoland.  There is no leadership positions or membership fees, there is no doctrinal statement or agenda other than to see a vibrant family of Jesus Christ in close reach of every person, culturally and geographically, of every person in our region.

To that end, we promote events (like Greenhouse or Pray4Chicago), books, discipleship training resources, and more.  We also see our work as helping connect those interested in joining a faith community with one that is nearby or help them start a brand new missional community.  Check out our list of Church networks on the sidebar of this site or click here.

We see this site as a node in an ever expanding network – please feel free to contact us and let’s begin a friendship that triggers a revolution of Love right across Chicagoland!


One Response to “About”

  1. TonyEscobar Says:

    B Church network exists in Pilsen right now. If anyone has recently moved to the area and/or is looking to connect with a new project. Loook us up!

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